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Putting the "Principles" to work in SEET: developing capability and practice for teaching excellence using peer review

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Puzzle Based Learning Development of Software

We have created a new course (based on the ?Puzzle-Based Learning? book) that focuses on getting students to think about framing and solving...

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Quality Improvement Project System

(1)To develop link between ICT and health services (2)To create an opportunity for a student in the above mentioned program to study the...

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Quality, learning spaces, social networking, connectedness and mobile learning: exploring the student voice in online education

Over the last two decades the adoption of ICT technology to support teaching and learning has created a blurring of the boundaries between...

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Quantitative diversity: disciplinary and cross-disciplinary mathematics and statistics support in Australian universities

The challenge for this project was to develop national capacity and networking in cross-disciplinary mathematics and statistics learning support to...

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Quantitative skills in science: curriculum models for the future

Numerous national and international reports have recently called for urgent actions to address the deteriorating quantitative skills (QS) and...

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Raising the profile of diagnostic, formative and summative e-assessments. Providing e-assessment design principles and disciplinary examples for higher education academic staff

The use of technology will not, by itself, lead to improvements in student learning outcomes. In order to achieve demonstrable improvements in...

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Re-conceptualising and re-positioning Australian library and information science education for the twenty-first century

This project seeks to develop a Framework for the Education of the Information Professions in Australia. This new Framework will reconceptualise...

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ReMarks PDF

We?re developing easy-to-use tools for educators to annotate, collaborate and report on student electronic assessment submissions. Our products are...

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Remote Laboratories

Remote Labs allows a real LIVE laboratory to be operated over the web. iLab developed by MiT allows for scheduling and managing the Laboratories....

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Remotely accessible laboratories - enhancing learning outcomes

There has been growing world-wide interest in the use of remotely accessible laboratories that allow students to use the internet to interact...

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Research to indentify and investigate threshold concepts associated with collaborative and cross disciplinary learning activities

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Secure Testing for Computer Based Evaluation.

This project allows students to use computers in tests and exams but have access to resources strictly controlled. The academic can control what...

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Self-accessed learning resources for the contextual development of threshold concepts in engineering and information technology

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Software Engineering & Project Support Software

Small embedded uController based robots were built. Student work in the course was focussed on building software systems running on the naked...

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STEP2010 - Student Experience Project

Although a major objective was the rationalisation of programs and courses, the current program changes provide an opportunity for the School to...

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Strategies for effective dissemination of project outcomes

The aim of this project was to systematically investigate Australian and international learning and teaching grant schemes and their outcomes to...

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