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Mathematics Education for 21st Century Engineering Students

ALTC discipline-based scoping project. Findings recommend measures to cap the broadening diversity; to promote better collaboration between the...

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Measuring and Reporting Teaching Quality

The changing composition of the education workforce within universities, and increasing demands for universities to report on the improvements in...

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Moderation for fair assessment in transnational learning and teaching

The project has advanced knowledge by providing a comprehensive analysis of TNE Australian academic and administrative staff experiences across a...

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National Environment for teaching ICT

I plan to focus on the development of a culture of enthusiastic engagement. The first hurdle is to convince educators that criticism and evaluation...

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Navigating a pathway between the academic standards and a framework for authentic, collaborative, outcomes-focused thinking in Engineering Education

The pending roll-out of threshold learning outcomes devised by the Learning and Teaching Academic Standards project will significantly impact...

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New perspectives on service teaching: tapping into the student experience

The goal of this Fellowship was to devise an effective approach to the curriculum development of physics subjects designed for non-physics majors...

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Not a waste of space - professional development for staff teaching in New Generation Learning Spaces

Australian universities have spent millions of dollars transforming teaching spaces into new generation learning environments. This trend in...

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Novice Programmers in the First Three Semesters: Gaining a Better Understanding of the Problem

Funding from this granting scheme will allow us to extend our work into programming subjects in the second and third semester at QUT and the...

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Outcomes and uptake of explicit research skill development across degree programs: 'It's got a practical application in my world'

The Research Skill Development framework has informed semester-length course curriculum renewal in more than twenty disciplines across eight...

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Pedagogy of RHD supervision in the technology disciplines

Project goals: 1. Investigate and document the different ways in which supervisors understand and experience supervision as a teaching and learning...

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Peer assisted teaching scheme

This program contributes to the national discourse on standards in learning and teaching, in particular, the development of teaching excellence. It...

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Peer learning of key accounting concepts through student generated screencasts

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Peer review of online learning and teaching(PROTL)

The project developed an open-source, web enabled peer review tool (PROTL). The PROTL system incorporates banks of standards-based criteria for use...

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Personal Access Tutor

PAT (Personal Access Tutor) is an Intelligent Tutoring System which helps students to learn how to create forms and reports in Microsoft Access, a...

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Plagiarism and related issues in assessments not involving text

There appears to be a reasonably common understanding about plagiarism and collusion in assessment items written in prose text. However, there are...

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Practice-based education: enhancing practice and pedagogy

There is a need for enhanced practice-based education (PBE) pedagogy and education to: a. clarify good practice; b. make good practices widespread;...

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Professional Practice in ICT Degrees

It is critical that work be undertaken to bring all stakeholders together to develop a common position for the future of Professional Practice in...

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