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Improving the support of student learning needs through pattern analysis of the student learning experience

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Inclusive Assessment: Improving Learning for All

Discipline is Accounting, but concepts/models are generic.

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Industry Engagement Plan /Industry-Based Learning Program-IBL

1)To create an opportunity for students in the Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering/Bachelor of Network Engineering/Bachelor of Software...

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Industry supported scholarship program

These scholarships, available for Domestic commencing undergraduate civil engineering students, provide a range of benefits. Scholarships are...

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Innovative use of Web 2.0 technologies for embedding career planning and industry engagement in the curriculum

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Inquiry-oriented learning in science: transforming practice through forging new partnerships and perspectives

Transforming practice by facilitating the adoption of inquiry-oriented approaches to learning is the aim of this fellowship. This will largely be...

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Integrated Manufacturing Management System

(1)To develop link between ICT and Building Industry. (2) To create an opportunity for a student in the above mentioned program to study the...

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Integration and assessment of graduate attributes in curriculum

The National Graduate Attributes Project (National GAP) explored why Australian universities have on the whole, been unable to achieve the sort of...

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Investigating groupware environments for cross-institutional student collaboration and developing capacity within the Faculty to enable students to experience multi-time-zone teamwork

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Investigating the application of IT generated data as an indicator of learning and teaching performance in higher education

This project aimed to address the need for higher education institutions (HEIs) to develop and adopt scalable and automated measures of learning...

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Investigating the nature and design of computer programming examinations

The aim of this project is to investigate the nature and composition of formal examination instruments used in summative assessment of programming...

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Leading WIL: distributed leadership approach to enhance work integrated learning outcomes

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) provides rich, relevant learning through a partnership between universities and employers. Through a collaborative...

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Learning and teaching across cultures

This project will consolidate and disseminate learning's from ALTC funded projects and fellowships in order to improve the learning of students...

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Learning in Networks of Knowledge (LINK) - improving student educational outcomes in online learning, using Web 2.0 concepts and a knowledge-networking approach

The LINK Project will develop, trial and assess new methods of learning via the Internet. It assists the re-invigoration of university-level online...

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Leveraging an industry partnership to enhance the computer networking student experience

The purpose of this project is to promote authentic learning experiences and provide exposure to industry standard equipment within networking...

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Library and information science education 2.0: guiding principles and models of best practice

Web 2.0 requires a library and information science (LIS) professional with a new type of skill and knowledge. However, LIS education in Australia...

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LinuxGym: A sustainable and easy-to-use automated developmental assessment tool for computer scripting skills

Linuxgym is software which automates assessment and feedback of computer scripting skills. Trialled with large student cohorts at UTS, it proved...

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Major curriculum renewal of the civil and associated engineering programs

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Managing educational change in the ICT discipline at the tertiary education level

This was a scoping study in information and communication technology (ICT) higher education. The core focus was the university curriculum and its...

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Mapping the student approaches to learning and teaching environments within the Civil Engineering program to improve life-long learning outcomes of Engineering graduates

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