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Evaluating effectiveness, defining standards and sharing effective methods of assessment across disciplines

The purpose of this project is to promote quality learning, and create a positive learning environment, by collating, evaluating and disseminating...

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Evaluation and Development of the EWB Challenge in ENGG1000

UQ Engineering proposes to evaluate and enhance the impact of introducing the Engineers Without Borders Challenge student design program as the...

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Evaluation and optimisation of foundational learning attributes in Engineering

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Expansion of the SAGC tool for use by academics to measure generic skills growth in students

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Exploring intercultural competency in engineering

Awareness of the importance of intercultural competency in practicing engineers is growing. At this point, support for engineering academics to...

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Exploring ways to articulate the developmental progression of UniSA GQs against academic standards and professional requirements

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Extending SPARKPLUS to complete the learning cycle, improve learning outcomes, simplify academic use, encourage and monitor assessment/curriculum development and support integration into academic programs

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First Year Course Revisions

The project involved the design and implementation of new versions of the level 1 introductory courses in Electrical and Electronic Engineering to...

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First Year Engineering Competency Testing - Addressing the Changing Cohort

The project seeks to answer the following questions: (1) What is the level of mathematics, physics and chemistry knowledge that is required for...

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First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) Program (the Program) is a student at risk and retention initiative which was introduced into the School of...

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Flight Conflict Simulation

(1)To develop link between ICT and Aviation Industry. (2) To create an opportunity for a student in the above mentioned program to study the...

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Gender Inclusive Curriculum in Engineering and Construction Management

This project will develop and promote a more inclusive style of teaching and learning in engineering and construction management (E&CM) in order to...

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Get set for success: using online self-assessments to motivate first year engineering students to engage in and manage their learning

This project involves collaboration among five universities and has the potential to alleviate the current critical engineering skills shortages in...

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Hunters and gatherers: strategies for curriculum mapping and data collection for assuring learning

Assurance of learning is a predominant feature in both quality enhancement and assurance in higher education. It involves making program...

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Identifying and overcoming student barriers to learning programming

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Implementing effective learning designs

To improve student learning outcomes by introducing a range of lesson designs that promote best practice.? The project will implement a highly...

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Improving the Formative and Summative Assessment of Novice Computer Programmers

This project carried out further development on two tools designed to improve the formative and summative assessment of students learning to...

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