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Developing a systematic, cross-disciplinary approach to teaching and assessing reflective writing in higher education

The aim of this project is to develop staff and student capacities for teaching and learning reflective writing in higher education. A model and...

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Developing agentic professionals through practice-based pedagogies

The Fellowship?s specific focus has been to identify how students can be prepared, supported and sustained as agentic learners in both their...

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Developing and disseminating TEAM SKILLS capacities using interactive online tools for team formation, learning, assessment and mentoring

This project seeks to further develop and disseminate a successful and innovative teaching resource with applicability across the higher education...

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Developing curricula to support smooth transition to effective industry professional practice

I propose to focus on helping staff to develop curricula, using teaching and learning principles to support students in a smooth transition to...

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Developing engaging, effective and enlightening practical experiments in geotechnical engineering

The study of soils is fundamental to a civil engineer's education and examining how soil behaves under various conditions in the laboratory is...

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Developing learning and professional judgement in large classes through collaborative self and peer assessment

This fellowship will focus attention on, and assist academics to adopt, design, and implement collaborative learning-oriented assessments...

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Developing multilevel leadership in the use of student feedback to enhance student learning and teaching practice

This project aims to develop and enhance the leadership capacity within RMIT University, by developing multi-level leadership in the effective use...

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Development and concept proof of an innovative assessment system for effective teaching and enhanced learning in Structural Engineering

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Development and evaluation of resources to enhance skills in higher degree research supervision in an intercultural context

This project addressed postgraduate research supervision in a cross-cultural context from the point of view of both supervisor and candidate, and...

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Development of a framework and associated manual to formalise the research-based learning experience of PhD candidates undertaking Work Integrated Research Higher Degree (WIRHD) projects within the Griffith School of Engineering

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Development, deployment and educational assessment of advanced immersive learning environments for process engineering

"Bring the plant to the student, if you can't get the student to the plant!" Using high fidelity digital imaging, a full 3D walk-through...

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Digital Divas: Designing approaches to enthuse girls' interest in ICT studies and ICT

Girls' lack of interest in Information Communication Technology (ICT) is clearly evident by senior secondary school and short-term initiatives have...

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Digital Learning Communities (DLC): Investigating The Application Of Social Software To Support Networked Learning.

This project is designed to promote and advance learning and teaching in universities by using social software to foster the development of digital...

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Dissemination, Adoption and Adaptation of Project Innovations in Higher Education

This project aimed to improve understanding of the interacting systems of conditions which favour the dissemination, adoption, adaptation and...

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Double degrees: research pathways, enabling cross-disciplinarity and enhancing international competitiveness

Cross-disciplinary expertise seems to be increasingly valued in many fields. Many universities offer dual degrees that purport to develop...

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E-learning: integrating technology to maximise student learning and minimise additional teacher workload

Our aim is to produce an electronically distributed package to demonstrate how educators in higher education ICT can integrate technology into...

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Effective teaching and support of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds: Resources for Australian higher education.

The research will contribute to enhancing the learning and experiences of students from low socioeconomic status (LSES) in Australian higher...

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ELP: Environment for Learning to Program

ELP is an online, active, collaborative and constructive Environment for Learning to Program, which helps students to program successfully at an...

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