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An online writing centre for undergraduate engineering students: a one stop shop

This project will address ongoing concerns about the discrepancy between engineering students' communication skills and those identified as...

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API Energy in Schools Project

Project involves QUT students enrolled in Advanced Engineering Design who will design, build, test and demonstrate projects centred around energy,...

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Applying quality principles to Australian university transnational teaching and learning

The project addresses Internationalisation, specifically, enhancement of learning/teaching quality in transnational higher education. Building on a...

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Articulating a transition pedagogy to scaffold and to enhance the first year student learning experience in Australian higher education

A major Fellowship outcome has been the articulation of a research-based 'transition pedagogy' (Kift & Nelson, 2005) ? a guiding philosophy for...

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Assessing and assuring Australian graduate learning outcomes: principles and practices within and across the disciplines

A set of principles for the assessment and assurance of graduate learning outcomes will be the major project outcome. In addition, examples of...

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Assessing and improving spatial ability for design-based disciplines utilising online systems.

Resource for educators and students consisting of four online components, including: a psychometric instrument to assess spatial ability;...

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Assessing Learning in Australian Universities

Enhancing assessment in higher education may involve assessing more strategically, providing assessment tasks that require the integration of...

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Assessing Students Unfamiliar with Assessment Practices in Australian Universities

Over the last 15 years, the profile of students enrolled in Australian accounting programs has changed dramatically. While professional bodies...

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Assessing the impact of work-integrated learning (WIL) on student work readiness

This project will provide an evidence base for judging the impact of WIL on graduates' readiness to commence work. This will be achieved through:...

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Assessment 2020: Seven propositions for assessment reform in higher education

This Fellowship addresses the question: 'how can assessment enhance learning in and after courses?' It links international research on how...

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Assessment and Generic Skills in Engineering Curricula at Griffith

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Assessment Renewal Project

In June 2008 the College embarked on an ambitious Assessment Renewal Project to facilitate the move to Criteria and Standard Based Assessment...

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Authentic assessment of students in practice settings: a participatory design approach

This project will develop an approach to documenting assessment of practicum practices and design an online system to enable continuous review and...

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Automated Marking

This project has created an automated tool for the collection and marking of any computer based activity that results in text output. The text...

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Benchmarks for Cultural Change in Engineering Education

The benchmarks are a tool for assessing the inclusiveness of engineering courses and programs in Universities. They address curriculum design,...

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Bio-Engineering Asset Management

(1)To develop link between ICT and Health industry. (2) To create an opportunity for a student in the above mentioned program to study the...

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Blended synchronicity: uniting on-campus and distributed learners through media-rich real-time collaboration tools

University students find it increasingly difficult to commit to regular face-to-face classes, yet real-time interaction and collaboration are often...

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Blending project based learning with traditional lecture-tutorial based course delivery method: Does it do any better for maximising student learning of an engineering design course?

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Bridging the Gap: matching students and staff through discipline-based self-evaluation and co-creation of more appropriate pedagogies in engineering

The broad aims of this fellowship were to enhance the learning experience and learning outcomes of engineering students, and to embed enabling...

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Building leadership with the sessional staff standards framework

The Building Leadership with the Sessional Staff Standards Framework project develops a national standards framework for quality learning and...

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