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Student Generated Podcasts and Vodcasts to Engage with Career Choices in IT

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Studying at Uni - Improving Student Study Skills

The focus of this project is to improve student learning outcomes by embedding activities in first year units to improve students? study skills....

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Supporting student peer assessment and review in large groupwork projects.

The project?s purpose is to further the educational design and dissemination of an online tool to support and facilitate self-and-peer assessment...

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Sustained Sessional Teacher Support

Sessional teachers play a crucial role within the University system, acting as the main point of contact with the University for many first year...

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Teaching and Assessing Meta-attributes in Engineering: identifying, developing and disseminating good practice

This project investigates good practice in the teaching and assessment of meta-attributes in engineering (reflective practice and systems...

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Teaching novice computer programmers: bringing the scholarly approach to Australian ICT degrees

This fellowship collected evidence from end-of-semester exams, with the aim of subsequently improving the teaching of computer programming. As part...

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Teaching, technology and educational design: the architecture of productive learning environments

The quality of students? activity is key. The design of good learning tasks, and the design and management of supportive learning environments, are...

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The culture of teaching and learning in ICT & engineering: facilitating research professors to be T&L Leaders

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The Paradigm of Engineering Education

Engineering education is an emerging, yet to be firmly established discipline. This work is studying the development of a paradigm from a social...

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The ReMarks PDF - Mark up Editor Stage 2

ReMarksPDF Stage 2 further develops the ReMarks PDF and XML marking editors. Stage 2 also involves development of an e-submission and assessment...

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Top-down design of Engineering Curriculum

The launch of Engineering at Macquarie University, which has increased student and associated staff numbers, provides an opportunity to develop a...

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Tracking student success: who is falling through the cracks?

Australian higher education lags behind other western countries in relation to access and attainment of equity groups. This study will monitor...

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Undergraduate Learning Spaces Postgraduate Space

The redevelopment of the teaching spaces in the Chemical Engineering Building was undertaken to cater for increased student numbers and to...

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Using ePortfolios in large undergraduate classes to enhance students' reflective capabilities

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Using mobile technology to enhance the problem-solving abilities of students in key transitional courses in engineering, mathematics and science.

UQ Engineering tested the use of HP mobile technology as an aid to enhancing students? technical problem solving ability in the first year course...

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Using web-based models to improve students learning in geotechnics

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Web 2.0 authoring tools in higher education learning and teaching: new directions for assessment and academic integrity

This project aims to develop a set of guidelines formalising academic practices, standards and reporting relating to the use of Web 2.0 or social...

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Work integrated learning: a national framework for initiatives to support best practice

The project was designed to identify stakeholders and provide mechanisms by which key challenges facing work integrated learning (WIL) in...

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