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"Caught between a rock and several hard places": cultivating the roles of the Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) and the Course

The aim of this project is to develop and implement a comprehensive Leadership Program for Assistant/Associate Deans (Learning and Teaching) in the...

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A Best Practice Framework to inform and guide Higher Degree by research training excellence in Australia

In Australian Higher Education institutions, there is wide variation in Higher Degree by Research (HDR) policies and procedures that govern...

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A blended-learning approach within an introductory engineering course

Develop online learning modules to replace lecture-based material. The outcomes are to prepare and upload online modules including: Content to...

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A handbook: Leadership for excellence in learning and teaching

This application is submitted by PhillipsKPA in conjunction with the University of the Sunshine Coast. The project will involve the preparation of...

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A holistic model for research supervision of international students in engineering and information technology disciplines

A large proportion (over 12 per cent) of international and non-English speaking background (NESB) postgraduate research students enrol in...

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A new enabling technology for learning and teaching quantitative skills

This project will achieve its aims by creation of a flexible electronic framework through which students have access to a very large number of...

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A pedagogy of supervision for the technology disciplines [towards a pedagogy of supervision in the technology disciplines]

It has investigated technology discipline supervisors? thinking around pedagogy in the HDR context and has explored what it means to think about...

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A pro-active approach to addressing student learning diversity in Engineering Mechanics

The project aims to address increasing diversity in engineering students' prior learning, learning styles, personal interests and other factors...

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A problem solving curriculum in computing

University graduates with good problem-solving skills are a rare and highly-prized resource. This scarcity limits innovation and the creation of...

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A Review of Dissemination Strategies used by Projects Funded by the ALTC Grants Scheme

This investigation uses an illuminative evaluation strategy to identify how effective ?in practice? project dissemination strategies are in...

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A shared, applied epistemology for competency in computer programming

The ICT degrees in most Australian universities have a sequence of three subjects/units that teach programming. This project will document the...

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A software engineering workbench for Engineering and IT software subjects

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A systematic and sustainable approach to the management and development of sessional teaching at Griffith

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Accommodating Engineering HDR graduates in the Australian workplace: employers' beliefs, expectations and experiences

Up to 60% of Engineering HDR candidates aspire to work in industry upon completion of their higher degree. There is conflicting evidence in the...

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Addressing ICT curriculum recommendations from surveys of academics, workplace graduates and employers

The project will address four main areas: (1) poor and erroneous perceptions of ICT and the ICT profession; (2) lack of understanding by students,...

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Addressing the on-going English language growth of international students

The aim of this project was to assist international university students whose first language is not English with their own ongoing English language...

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ALTC/ CADAD online hub: Supporting sessional teaching in Australian universities

Current ALTC projects are required to maintain a website and/or resources for 3 years following the completion of the project. However, for past...

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An adaptive e-learning community of practice for mechanics courses in engineering

This project will apply artificial intelligence (AI) technology to learning of threshold concepts in undergraduate engineering mechanics in...

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An integrated Web-based Assignment Submission, Assessment and Feedback System

The School of Computer Science has a number of ad-hoc web based applications that directly support learning and teaching. The most useful of these...

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