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Curriculum renewal in postgraduate information technology education: a response to growing service sector dominance

Start: 2008
Report Publication Date: 2011
Primary Project Leader Joseph Davis

Amount: $218,500.00 Body: Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Source: Priority Projects
The project aims to identify key knowledge and skill sets needed for the emerging IT-enabled services sector. Using this information, the team will develop the overall educational framework, initial curriculum modules and other learning materials (including a software foundry) and will pre-test these within the consortium institutions. Modules will then be benchmarked with other tertiary providers of similar courses internationally. An on-line portal will be developed to assist in disseminating the resulting curriculum modules and educational materials among universities throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. The proposed outcomes of the project are: ? A process for developing market relevant curriculum modules and educational materials; ? A comprehensive set of multi-disciplinary modules for service related IT education; ? An interactive online educational portal which incorporates these ? modules and other learning materials, and which promotes dissemination and adaptation by universities in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region; and ? An international conference on service-related IT education.
Service Learning and Teaching Foundry is an initiative that is part of a larger grant. The purpose of the Foundry is to develop a number of tools that: Allow students and academics to experiment with service technologies, and Give educators the possibility to demonstrate in practice how services can be used, defined and composed in different ways. This is achieved via a simple toolset for financial data analysis but many of the principles used in this toolset are applicable in other domains that require the analysis of large datasets.
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