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Ensuring the supply and quality of engineering graduates with attributes for the new century

Start: 2006
Report Publication Date: 2008
Primary Project Leader Archie Johnston

Amount: $100,001.00 Body: Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Source: Discipline Studies
This report examines the current state of the higher education component of the Australian engineering education system, with respect to its ability to address future needs, contextualised by assessing the implementation of outcomes of the 1996 Review of Engineering, Changing the Culture. Recommended changes to the engineering program accreditation process are judged to have been successful in driving greater emphasis on generic graduate attributes in first-degree engineering programs. The Review also stimulated improvements in curriculum design and delivery, including project, problem, and workplace-based learning, and increased emphasis on sustainability. The present study has also identified substantial and emerging strengths of many of Australia?s engineering schools in the areas of research, international education, and in addressing industry-specific skills shortages though both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
Final report at: http://www.olt.gov.au/project-ensuring-supply-quality-uts-2006 In the Australian context, King suggests that estimations of graduation success rates for domestic students enrolling in bachelor degrees in engineering from 1994 to 2005 are in the range 48 to 66% with females having a higher graduation rate than males. In terms of success rates (percentage of students who pass all courses) and retention rate there is again a variation between males and females with the success rate varying between 73 and 90% and the retention rate varying between 68 and 91% for domestic students. The lowest success and retention rates are for male students enrolled part time (King, 2008).
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