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Learning in Networks of Knowledge (LINK) - improving student educational outcomes in online learning, using Web 2.0 concepts and a knowledge-networking approach

Start: 2008
Report Publication Date: 2010
Primary Project Leader Matthew Allen

Amount: $0.00 Body: Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Purpose: Fellowship
The LINK Project will develop, trial and assess new methods of learning via the Internet. It assists the re-invigoration of university-level online learning by updating techniques and underlying pedagogic approaches to take account of the changing nature of the Internet in society today. To successfully exploit the Internet's capacity for enhanced student learning, the project focuses on the pedagogic challenges of creating a student experience that is centred on knowledge production in a networked environment, with an emphasis on assessing students' learning through ongoing participation, while providing effective cognitive scaffolding within which their learning occurs. Its primary outcomes will be broadly applicable pedagogic methods, confirmed and corrected on the basis of the trial, and expressed as examples and guidance material for other academics across the university sector.
The site contains ideas, practical advice and a carefully assessed selection of 50 key services, sites and tools to enhance your teaching. The site also contains regular updates. The site is designed to be used by developers and academics to support online learning innovation. Here?s a summary of what the site covers: Concepts: exploring some ideas about knowledge networking, Web 2.0, pedagogy and their interrelationship. Practicalities: practical tips to make it easier to know where to start in applying knowledge networking via Web 2.0 applications. Tools: a list of 50 carefully selected and analysed tools that are the best place to start. Examples: detailed information on knowledge networking approaches to learning in the Internet Communications course at Curtin University. Resources: links to papers, presentations and other useful material (including research and other writing emanating from LINK). Updates: an occasional blog that reports on developments after the site was constructed (May 2011) and signals changes to the main site.
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