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Curriculum and pedagogic bases for effectively integrating practice-based experiences

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Report Publication Date: 2011
Primary Project Leader Stephen Billett

Amount: $0.00 Body: Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Purpose: Fellowship
From this fellowship, five key contributions to knowledge emerge. Firstly, it is necessary to include the personal processes of experiencing and reconciliation what is experienced by learners in each of the settings; and, secondly, consideration of how students engage with the experiences and pedagogic practices is central to the richness of learning. Thirdly, merely providing practice-based experiences for students is insufficient unless those experiences are enriched through preparation, engagement and opportunities to share and reconcile what has been contributed by these experiences. Fourthly, the findings highlight the importance of enacting pedagogic practices that are most likely to develop engaged and critical practitioners. Fifthly, the need to engage, prepare and extend students as active and agentic learners is central to the effective integration of experiences across practice and higher education settings, their ability to engage in professional practice and their becoming effective critical and reflexive practitioners.
Guidelines for practice: integrating practice-based experiences provides downloadable resources for free reproduction and use by university staff and students, including: case studies of good practice from across the disciplines; advice on reviewing assessment policies; a model of best practice in formative assessment; a comparison of plagiarism detection software; advice for staff new to university teaching; advice for international students on assessment in Australian higher education. Practical Guides: education Good practice directory Engineering: Mechanics, Calculus, Statistics, Linear Algebra Efficient continuous online assessment of large classes University of Western Australia ICT Information Systems Developing and assessing critical thinking skills University of South Australia 1. on-line assessment ? 34 strategies ? where to start? 2. assessing large classes ? 5 assessment challenges ? resources 3. minimising plagiarism ? 36 strategies ? advice on detection software 4. assessing group work ? common issues and concerns 5. assessing students unfamiliar with assessment practices in Australian higher education ? advice for students unfamiliar with assessment practices in Australian higher
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