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Web 2.0 authoring tools in higher education learning and teaching: new directions for assessment and academic integrity

Start: 2009
Report Publication Date: N/A
Primary Project Leader Kathleen Gray

Amount: $158,000.00 Body: Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Source: Priority Projects
This project aims to develop a set of guidelines formalising academic practices, standards and reporting relating to the use of Web 2.0 or social software in higher education for assessing student learning. Web 2.0 forms of authoring or content creation include blogging/microblogging, audio/video podcasting, social bookmarking, social networking, virtual worlds and wiki writing (eg WordPress, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Second Life, Delicious, Facebook, MediaWiki, etc). Increasingly these activities are being used to support students? learning in higher education. However, very little is known about appropriate academic practices for assessing students? work or authorship with Web 2.0 technologies. By identifying and addressing these issues, this project will meet a growing need in Australian institutional and disciplinary communities to establish and maintain good practice in the design and conduct of new forms of assessment.
The web2assessmentresources wiki has been developed for university staff who are interested in using the social web (also known as Web 2.0) to assess learning, especially where marks and grades are involved. The resources in this wiki distil the findings from this project into introductory concepts (section 1), case studies (section 2), checklists (section 3) and further resources (section 4). The draft good practice framework is available here: ALTC-ASW2A-Guidelines-draft-Feb2010.pdf These checklists may assist with reviewing present practice or with planning for new assessment practices. They are organised around four key stages of the work that teaching staff do to assess student learning: ? Designing and preparing student assignments ? Introducing and supporting student assignments ? Marking student assignments and reporting results ? Reviewing and improving student assignments
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