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Computer aided feedback and assessment system

Start: 2006
Report Publication Date: 2010
Primary Project Leader Martin Freney

Amount: $113,216.00 Body: Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Source: Priority Projects
The primary objective of this project was to research and develop an open-source computer assisted assessment system (CAA) and to disseminate and embed this system within tertiary education institutions. The main outcome of the project was: To create an efficient, easy-to-use ?Advanced Marking Assistant? software application that will enable teachers to use best practice feedback and assessment methodologies. As a result of receiving higher quality feedback and assessment via innovative online mechanisms, students will benefit from improved learning outcomes. CAFAS stands for Computer Aided Feedback and Assessment System. Its main aims are to assist academics in providing timely, high quality feedback and assessment results to students in tertiary education institutions and to thereby improve learning outcomes. It has been designed to mimic commonly used paper-based feedback forms and to cater to a wide range of disciplinary assessment requirements. CAFAS uses weighted assessment criteria to break down an assessment task into specific aspects that are pertinent to the assessment task (assignment). There are two methods by which feedback and assessment can be provided for each assessment criterion via a Slider or Rubric. Feedback comments can be typed in and saved so that they can be quickly re-entered, thus creating a database of comments. Comments can also be created ahead of time by a team of assessors for quick entry while "marking". Or, more likely, a combination of these two approaches can be adopted.
The main artefact of this project, a new web based advanced marking assistant (CAFAS Online). In addition to the online system originally proposed, the project has further developed and extended the functionality of the original prototype (CAFAS Excel) into a more user friendly and functional desktop solution that provides a viable option for academics who prefer to use an offline system
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