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Curriculum specification and support systems for engineering education that address revised qualification standards

Start: 2008
Report Publication Date: 2011
Primary Project Leader Robin King

Amount: $219,000.00 Body: Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Source: Priority Projects
This project addresses system-wide issues from the recommendations of the ALTC engineering discipline scoping study conducted in 2007-8. The outcomes will assist engineering academics to improve teaching, curriculum, and the supply of qualified engineers. In-depth studies, including cohort analyses in eight universities, uncovered patterns of attrition and correlates with basis of admission and other factors. Evidence from successful interventions support 25 recommendations on reducing attrition, in areas of admissions processes, curriculum change, bridging pathways, peer-mentoring, and active learning. Workshops to support engineering academics in teaching and learning and curriculum development were developed, trialled and evaluated, and provide an informed base for future academic support. The academic and professional engineering community collaborated to revise Engineers Australia's competency standards for the three accredited engineering occupations. The revised standards are internationally benchmarked, and will support future engineering curriculum design. Nine universities contributed to a comprehensive review of articulation pathways, and provided examples of best practice to support 14 recommendations. Recommendations for recruiting more women into engineering include curriculum, widening admissions criteria, and staff development. Increasing Indigenous participation in engineering will be a long-term process, requiring further development of linkages within the universities, schools and relevant communities.
Recommendations are made on reducing attrition in areas of admissions processes, curriculum change, bridging pathways, peer-mentoring, and active learning. Other project themes included the development of workshops to support engineering academics, the revision of Engineers Australia?s competency standards for the three accredited engineering qualifications, and a review of pathways and access to engineering qualifications. Five leaflets address key issues from the report. Access to engineering degrees for non school leavers Indigenous students recruitment and retention Maximising bachelor degree completions Student cohort analysis and decision trees Women in engineering education www.olt.gov.au/resource-engineering-qualification-curriculum-uts-2011
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