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Work integrated learning: a national framework for initiatives to support best practice

Start: 2007
Report Publication Date: 2009
Primary Project Leader Carol-Joy Patrick

Amount: $294,570.00 Body: Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Source: General Investigations
The project was designed to identify stakeholders and provide mechanisms by which key challenges facing work integrated learning (WIL) in Australian universities can be identified and addressed. Deliverables include: 1. Identification of WIL stakeholders. 2. Framework for creation of resources and practices that address current and emerging challenges for WIL. 3. Development of ACEN website to facilitate communication and house resources in the area. 4. Identification of opportunities for advancement and development of WIL. This report provides an account of the first large-scale scoping study of work integrated learning (WIL) in contemporary Australian higher education. The explicit aim of the project was to identify issues and map a broad and growing picture of WIL across Australia and to identify ways of improving the student learning experience in relation to WIL
The Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN) is the professional association for practitioners and researchers from the higher education sector, industry, community and government representatives, involved in work integrated learning (WIL) in Australia. WIL currently exists in various forms including: ? Internships ? Cooperative education ? Work placements ? Industry based learning ? Community based learning ? Clinical rotations ? Sandwich year ? Practical projects For members we provide peer support and networking opportunities to share and develop good practice in WIL across Australia and internationally
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