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E-learning: integrating technology to maximise student learning and minimise additional teacher workload

Start: 2012
Report Publication Date: 2013
Primary Project Leader Nickolas Falkner

Amount: $15,000.00 Body: Australian Council of Deans of ICT (ACDICT) Source: ALTA Purpose: T & L
Our aim is to produce an electronically distributed package to demonstrate how educators in higher education ICT can integrate technology into their existing courses to increase student understanding, while potentially reducing their long-term teaching workload. We want to enable all ICT academics to experiment with best-practice approaches in the e-Learning space without having to commit large amounts of time or money. Based on the success of our own research-based learning and teaching (L&T) strategies, we want to address the perceptions that the step towards an effective blended learning environment requires a prohibitive amount of money, expertise and/or effort. We will do this by producing a set of how-to guides using the same readily available technologies that academic staff can use to enhance their own materials while providing students with improved formative feedback and greater engagement. These are not drop-in slide packs, these are advice and guidance for enhancing and customizing an educator’s own materials, retaining as much of their previous investment as possible. As part of our project, we want to raise awareness of which aspects of the student experience are enhanced by which materials – if we can measure a specific aspect, try something new and then measure to see if improvement has occurred, we have evidence to support the change. This evidence provides support for time allocation and funding, and helps us to convince our peers that we are not wasting our time trying new technologies. We can also disseminate, confirm and develop the understanding of enhancement that already exists in the literature.
Our outcomes will be a set of electronic materials (including items such as slides, recordings, podcasts, quizzes and forum-based materials), initially targeted at key aspects of ICT education, to act as a first port of call to encourage educators to enhance their teaching materials at relatively low effort with the potential of a significant impact on student learning. This solution will include a sharing forum to allow participants to interact, share materials and form a community of good practice, based on the ARNEIA website.
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