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LinuxGym: A sustainable and easy-to-use automated developmental assessment tool for computer scripting skills

Start: 2006
Report Publication Date: 2008
Primary Project Leader Andrew Solomon

Amount: $194,943.00 Body: Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Source: Priority Projects
Linuxgym is software which automates assessment and feedback of computer scripting skills. Trialled with large student cohorts at UTS, it proved highly successful in improving pass rates. This project aimed to redevelop the software to make it available to all educational institutions; ensuring installation, maintenance, and exercise development would be minimal. It also sought to create a broad set of exercises which could be drawn upon by academics around Australia, and to develop a clear definition of industry standards with the long-term aim of a certification exam to align Australian university curriculums closely with industry needs. To do this the project redeveloped Linuxgym as both an installable virtual machine, and a publicly accessible web-service through which lecturers are able to create classes; provide students with Linuxgym accounts; and allocate students a set of exercises. Students are able to use Linuxgym to view their marks. The web-service has also been made available to the public as an individual learning tool. This project has spanned three institutions and over 1000 students and individuals. Feedback through surveys and students' marks indicate that Linuxgym is a helpful and accurate tool for formative assessment.
Linuxgym is an automated feedback and assessment tool for learning and testing coding skills. Outcomes of the project can be found: www.olt.gov.au/resource-linuxgym-sustainable-automated-tool-uts-2009
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