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Professor Tom Gedeon


Dr Somnath Ghosh

Associate Professor Peter Gibbings

Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching)

Dr Betty Gill

Associate Dean (Academic)

Associate Professor Judith Gill

Dr Elizabeth Godfrey

Senior Research Fellow

Associate Professor Leo Goedegebuure

Deputy Director LH Martin Institute for Higher Education

Mr Thomas Goldfinch


Professor Peter Goodyear

Professor of Education

Dr Madhu Goyal

Core Member, Centre for Quantum Computation and Intelligent Systems

Mr Jeremy Grace

Associate Director, Learning and Teaching

Dr Kathleen Gray

Senior Research Fellow

Professor John Grundy

Head of Academic Group

Mr Christian Guetl

Adjunct Research Professor

Professor Daryoush Habibi

Head of School

Professor Roger Hadgraft

Innovation Professor in Engineering Education

Dr Fay Haisley

Professor of Education - Reviews and Accreditation

Associate Professor Gillian Hallam

Mr Peter Hamilton

Senior Research Fellow

Associate Professor Greg Hannan

Assoc Dean (Teaching &Learning

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