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The aim of ALTA is to develop the ALTA website linked to the ACDICT website, and include:


A number of resources available through the AaeE Scholar website are useful for ICT education. An introduction to the resources is provided here. Resources of particular use include:

  • Bibliography - of educational concepts. Although many of these have an engineering perspective, the underlying concepts are discipline independent.
  • Teamwork - The PETS process (Proactively Ensuring Team Success) is a multifaceted approach to creating effective, productive and happy student teams.  It has been tested and evaluated and continuously improved since 2002.  It is not a quick fix but successfully addresses team dysfunction and social loafing through team selection, peer assessment, mentoring, and team training. This site also includes a nice paper introducing personality types to students
  • Constructive alignment - a template for undertaking alignment for a unit
  • Educational Research Methods - provides information on Phenomenography; Ethnographic research; Observational methods; Interviews and focus groups; Content analysis

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