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The site is rich in resources to aid the Engineering Educator. The best approach is to browse the site. To assist you, here is a brief summary of the main areas:

Includes resources for Educational Research Methods, CDIO

  • Bibliography (what you should read in Engineering Education)

One of our more ambitious projects in recent years is the collation of an AAEE bibliography. This project brings together the key publications on a range of relevant topics. While there is a wealth of literature out there, not all of it is equally useful. The bibliography gives you a starting point for reading more widely.

These resources have been assembled by the ALTC Discipline Scholars, Roger Hadgraft and  Ian Cameron, including input from other ALTC projects, such as the CDIO-Design Based Curriculum project at UNSW, led by Carl Reidsema.

These are useful resources for teaching the fundamentals of engineering.

This page contains resources developed for the Graduate Certificate subjects within an ALTC-funded project. Includes material on Constructive alignment, teamwork and general teaching guides.

This page contains information on ranking of the quality of the peer-reviewed journals and conferences in which Australian (engineering) academics publish.



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