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Enhancing Industry Engagement in Engineering Degrees

Student exposure to engineering practice is an essential component of formative engineering degrees. Good quality exposure to practice should increase the numbers of engineering graduate numbers and improve their readiness for employment. The “Enhancing Industry Exposur.. read more

Plagiarism and related issues in assessments not involving text

There appears to be a reasonably common understanding about plagiarism and collusion in assessment items written in prose text. However, there are many disciplines of study that use assessment items not based in prose. In computing there are computer programs, databases, sp.. read more

E-learning: integrating technology to maximise student learning and minimise additional teacher wo..

Our aim is to produce an electronically distributed package to demonstrate how educators in higher education ICT can integrate technology into their existing courses to increase student understanding, while potentially reducing their long-term teaching workload. We want to .. read more

Game design for mobile phones

Academic Resource Network for Engineering and ICT Australia

ARNEIA Purpose

A service to support educators and enhance learning and teaching in Engineering and ICT by providing convenient access to:

  • A directory of contacts with discipline-based learning and teaching champions
  • Resources created by academics
  • Academic projects that are in progress or have been completed
  • Funding opportunities from various organisations
  • News of recent significant developments
  • A calendar of learning and teaching events

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